We are a brand, which has the strongest bear in the world not only in our name but also in the direction we want to proceed. The strength of our brand lies in quality, modern design and high degree of durability of our clothing and tools. 


Rocket start!

The Grizzly Gear Company started in 2017. Despite the fact that our initial offer consisted of only two products we managed to live up to our brand name and in a short time we have opened the doors to worldwide sale. 

The customer is always right – a cliché? Not for us! 

We created the brand under an uncompromising principle – everything must lead to full satisfaction of the customer. We started our offer with clothing we take pride in and continue with continuous service upgrades, whether it is in the customer support form or customer loyalty bonuses. 

Co-operation offer!

We wish our portfolio to be diverse and our brand not to lose the strength. That is why we are open to all kinds of co-operation, ranging from event participation through custom production, etc.